Yoga Flow (All-Level)
This moderate class offers someone newer to yoga or someone building their practice, an experience in which they can hone their yoga skills and knowledge (breath techniques, postures, balance and meditation) with a pacing that invites self- observation. This class is taught with the focus on: breath awareness, anatomical alignment, and offers modifications to deepen and soften into the shapes. 

Slow Flow (Intermediate)
This intermediate Vinyasa based yoga class offers both challenging flowing sequences as well as points of longer holding. Each week’s class is creative and always changing. A slow, flowing Vinyasa offers challenges in balance, focus and builds strength.

Yin Yoga (All-Level)
A yielding practice and a good compliment to a flow-based, Yang style, yoga practice, or any physically active exercise. Yin Yoga is sometimes called Passive Yoga or Taoist Yoga. Most of our active western yoga teaching focuses on postural yoga which is dedicated to developing muscles and will, while yin is a yielding practice that works the ligaments, tendons, joints and networks of fascia all throughout the body. Yin Yoga can be a quiet practice, offering time for observation and the seeds of meditation. 

Yoga Nidra, Dynamic Sleep
Nidra is a guided meditation technique focused on learning conscious relaxation. In his book on yoga nidra Swami Satyananda Saraswati states that, “The characteristic feature of yoga nidra was a systematic rotation of consciousness in the body, which originated from tantric practices of nyasa (meaning ‘to place’ or ‘to take the mind to one point’.)” The practitioner, hearing the words of the teacher, brings their mind to each point mentioned, and as one listens and follows from point to point, a meditative focus is created and the body then begins to relax. In his teaching, Swami Satyananda, points out that we live in a nearly constant state of tension – muscular, emotional and mental. Nidra is a practice that can begin to bring harmony to the mind and body.

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