Apex Partnership

Private and Small Group Yoga Instruction For Current And Post-Physical Therapy Patients

‘Healthy Movement’ Partnership
The goal of the “Healthy Movement Partnership” between Apex Physical Therapy and Container and the Field Yoga is to help people transition from physical therapy to safe and healthy movement through yoga.  Yoga is a great form of mindful movement. Yoga instruction can help individuals seeking continued healing, strength and mobility.

Periodically in my yoga classes, students find they have some concern about a part of their body, like a shoulder joint, that is not moving properly, or an issue with back pain they have been pacifying with Advil rather than having it checked out.  In all of these cases I have suggested these students meet with Cindy Sewall or one of the therapists at Apex to evaluate the situation and see if they can heal rather than put up with the physical pain or problem.  And so now, what is new is that we have created a loop back to yoga classes and mindful movement for people who are completing treatment.

Introduction and Evaluation
When I begin the evaluation process with new clients I usually have a 20 minute conversation to talk about their injury and what they have already done through physical therapy in the way of healing. Then we turn the focus to how they want to move forward, what their goals are and what yoga could offer. 

After this initial conversation, I will suggest a certain level of practice. General group class, gentle floor-based yoga class (one that requires people to be able to get up and down from the floor) or a gentle chair-based yoga practice, after discerning their current safe available movement. 

The second area of placement is about discerning whether Healthy Movement yoga classes (3 – 4 people in the room) or private lessons would be best.  If a client is working with several areas of the body to strengthen, stretch and heal or they are still unsure about movement or cannot hold alignment cues and need one-to-one instruction, then private lessons are more appropriate to begin.  While clients who are fully able to apply the realignment, healing, strengthening and stretching exercises offered, would probably be fine in a specialized small group class. 

Both of these are specialized classes, and are truly meant to be a transition to standard, leveled, group classes if this is possible. These “Healthy Movement” yoga classes are 1 hour long and include: breath-work, bringing one into a practice of observing their movement, warming movements for the joints and spine, deeper stretching and strengthening, then standing and balancing postures.  We end with a few minutes of meditation to observe what has happened in the body and how we have experienced the movement we practiced.

Private Lesson
1-hour Private Lessons are $85.00 and are booked month by month.  A contract is made for the dates and times scheduled and payment is made by check at the beginning of the series.

Healthy Movement Class
Each 1-hour “Healthy Movement” Class (both Floor-Based Yoga and Chair Yoga) is $25.00 per person. The classes are booked month-by-month.  A contract for a minimum of 4 consecutive classes (1 month, usually 4 or 5 classes in a row) is required.  I need at least 3 people to run a series. 

*Please note I will gather people who are interested in “Healthy Movement” Yoga and create class session when I have enough people registered for specific times.

General Group Classes
75 minute, mainstream yoga classes for people who have some yoga experience, physical ability, and need no special attention or instruction to participate. (Single class fee, 5-class card, or 10-class card information is in the general pricing on this website.)


Reviews about Apex Physical Therapy and Container and the Field Yoga Partnership

“For nearly four years, I have practiced yoga with Martha Parrish Bush. Martha prepared me both physically and mentally for a surgical procedure on my right hip. Before my hip surgery, even before I knew what was wrong, Martha, who saw there was an issue, suggested physical therapy with Cindy Sewall at the Apex Physical Therapy in Phoenixville. Cindy figured out the problem right away. Both women are devoted to the well-being of their clients/patients. Both find ways to modify their practices to make their clients comfortable. Both find ways to create an environment where their clients succeed in moving toward their individual goals. I benefited greatly from both of their services.” E.R.

“Rarely does one find, as I have in Martha, a yoga teacher who cares, and cares deeply, about developing and delivering yoga for older folks. While I am sure her care and expertise extend to all ages and skill levels, her capacity to meet the needs of aging students, her interest in doing this, set her apart, far apart, from the rank and file of yoga teaching guides.” –L.S.

“Because of Martha’s yoga classes, I have better balance and more stability. Her inspirational guidance has offered me an opportunity to grow stronger though gentle yoga practice. Martha has also incorporated targeted yoga classwork as an adjunct to the course of physical therapy so skillfully provided at Apex Physical Therapy.”  –C.S.